Benefits Of A Lawn Tractor With A Drive-Over Mower Deck


A lawn tractor can make it quick and easy to cut your grass, but you won't always be using this piece of machinery for this task. There will be times that you want to remove the mower deck and equip the tractor with another attachment, use it to pull a wagon, or do any number of other tasks. If you anticipate frequently taking the mower deck on and off, you'll want to buy a lawn tractor that has a drive-over mower deck. This term describes how you get the mower deck in place beneath the tractor to attach it. Instead of sliding it under the tractor by hand, you simply drive over the deck until it's in position. Here are some benefits of this design.

Physically Easier

Lawn tractor mower decks are large and heavy, which makes them challenging to move. When you have to maneuver the deck until it's next to the tractor and then slide it beneath the tractor's body, this task requires considerable physical effort. This effort may be challenging for people who are elderly or who have various physical ailments. It's much easier to simply drive your lawn tractor over the mower deck. Once your front wheels pass over the deck, everything will be in the right position to hook up.


When you have to mount your mower deck beneath your lawn tractor, you likely don't want any delays. You'll be feeling ready to cut the grass and will want to get to the task quickly. Trying to position the deck beneath the tractor, particularly when you're new to this task, can be more time-consuming than you realize. Driving over the deck allows you to complete the job much faster.


A lawn tractor that uses a drive-over mower deck will allow you to mount the deck in a much safer manner than trying to position it by hand. For example, when you're lifting the deck by hand, it's relatively easy to pinch one of your fingers between it and the ground or between any of the deck's moving parts. Such an incident could cause a minor or serious injury. When you drive over the mower deck to get it in place, there's no risk of injury because your body is safely out of the way. Visit a lawn tractor dealer to learn more about lawn mowing tractors that are equipped with drive-over mower decks. 


1 November 2022

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