Choose One Of These Trellises For Your Garden


Virtually every garden center carries an extensive selection of trellises, which will give you plenty of options if you wish to add one or more of these devices to your garden. A trellis offers a lot of benefits, including helping climbing plants reach skyward to get as much sun as they need. You'll see trellises in several shapes and sizes, as well as in different materials. Think about the pros and cons of each material, as well as how well each will suit the look of your yard. Here are some trellis materials that you'll find.


It's common for trellises to be made of thin pieces of wood. The type of wood can vary, which can impact the color of the trellis. Many wooden trellises feature unfinished wood, but you may occasionally come across those with painted or stained wood. Lots of gardening enthusiasts favor wooden trellises because of their natural look. Your yard likely has a number of wooden things in it — including a deck, your fence, and more — which can mean that wooden trellises in one or more places throughout your garden can match well.


You should also see a selection of metal trellises at your local garden center. On some of these devices, the metal is on the thicker side. On others, it's thin and has the appearance of thick wire. The size and weight of the plant that you want to grow up the trellis will influence how heavy your trellis should be. A metal trellis can offer style, but its primary advantage is its longevity. Unlike wood, which can soften over time due to rain and humidity, you can expect that a metal trellis will have a long lifespan.


Most garden centers sell plastic trellises, and this material can be desirable for some people. While you might feel that plastic doesn't look as fancy as wood or metal, it offers a good amount of longevity. Plastic trellises are available in a wide range of colors, which can appeal to you if you want to add a splash of color to your garden. Standard colors, including white and black, are also options if you want more of a muted look. One option is to match your plastic trellises to your plastic patio furniture. For example, if you have white patio furniture near where you'll be setting up a trellis, you might choose white plastic.


20 June 2022

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