Important Features To Get In An ATV Gravel Drag For Levelling Purposes


If you're trying to even out gravel around a particular area, such as the driveway, then you have access to a lot of tools that can make this job much easier. That includes gravel drags for ATVs. If you're planning to purchase one of these ATV attachments, make sure these features are offered.

Powder-Coat Finish

You may need to leave this gravel drag outside exposed to the elements. That's something you'll be able to do without having to worry about surface damage if you make sure the drag comes with a powder-coat finish.

Gravel drag manufacturers can put these coats on all areas of the drag, ensuring it has full-coverage protection. That way, even if you leave this ATV attachment out in the weather for a long time, you can still look forward to a structurally sound component that doesn't rust.


It's important to have a durable ATV gravel drag that can withstand the activities it's exposed to, but you also want it to be lightweight. That's going to make this ATV attachment much easier to manipulate behind an ATV. You won't have to put your ATV through a lot of use and potentially cause it to wear down a lot sooner than it otherwise would.

Even if you have a fairly low-powered ATV, you'll still be able to pull a gravel drag around an area of land to smoothen out surfaces when it's lightweight. Additionally, lighter materials like aluminum and steel alloys make it much easier to set this component up on your ATV. 

Universal Hitch Style 

Most gravel drags have a hitch that connects to ATVs in the back. If you want this setup to be something you can easily deal with each time, then try finding gravel drags that come with a universal hitch style. Then it should support the back of your ATV regardless of make and model.

You won't have to spend a lot of time verifying the gravel drag works with your ATV. If you decide to switch ATVs at some point, the universal hitch style should still work just fine and help you get an optimal setup. 

In order to smooth out gravel around different areas of land, you can use a gravel drag that's specifically made for ATVs. This part will save you a lot of time and energy completing this task, especially if you get one with the right attributes. 


14 December 2021

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