Improving The Lighting In Your Garden


Lighting your garden can be a necessary step for keeping it safe during the overnight hours. While garden lights can be a feature that dramatically improves the appearance of your garden and makes it a safer place to navigate, individuals will often assume that installing these systems will be more difficult and expensive than it actually is.

Minimize The Amount Of Wiring That Will Be Needed

Whenever you are installing a lighting system for your garden, it can be beneficial for a couple of reasons to limit the amount of wiring work that will need to be done. For example, connecting lights to the home's power grid can involve excavating soil so these lines can be buried. In addition to adding to the expenses of this upgrade, this digging could also damage some of the plants that you have growing in your garden. Luckily, many garden lighting systems can utilize solar power to illuminate this space, which can spare you from the need for wiring work while also mitigating increased electrical costs.

Prioritize Lighting The Pathways Through The Garden

The placement of the lights will be another factor that has to be considered during the course of this process. When choosing where to place the lighting, you should pay attention to the areas along the pathways. This simple placement can substantially reduce the risk of plants being damaged by individuals accidentally stepping on them. LED strip lighting can be a low-profile way of illuminating the edges of the path so that individuals will not step on your plants when they are walking in the dark through the garden.

Consider The Impacts Large Lights Will Have On The Garden

If your garden is particularly large, you may need to invest in several larger lighting fixtures to properly illuminate this area. One common solution to this need can be placing a lighting post with a bright lamp head in the garden. When choosing where to place this post, you should consider the plants that are growing near it. In addition to avoiding placing it where it obstructions an important part of the garden, you will also want to be mindful of the shadow that the post may cast as this could reduce the amount of sunlight that some of your plants will receive. Lastly, these post lights will need to have an electrical connection established, and you should choose a spot that will minimize the difficulty of connecting the light to the power grid.

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1 November 2021

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