Using Grow Lights For Your Indoor Crops


For businesses that have to grow plants, an indoor setting can allow for far more predictable yields and grow times. Controlling the amount of light that the growing plants are receiving can be an important factor, and this will likely require investing in grow lights for the operation.

Use Full Spectrum Grow Lights

The wavelength of the light that your plants are receiving will be an important factor for their health and growth rate. Unfortunately, many grow lights may only provide a partial sample of the wavelengths of light that come from the sun. Making it a point to only consider growth light options that are full spectrum can help ensure that your crop is getting the light that it needs to provide maximum yield in the shortest amount of time. This can also help reduce the risk of certain deficiencies and other health issues that may even kill these plants.

Have A System For Adjusting The Distance Of The Light From The Plants

In addition to controlling the amount of light that the plants are receiving, you will also need to control the distance of the light from the plants. If the distance is too great, it could lead to the plants stretching out, which can lead to stem breaking. Luckily, it is possible to have an adjustable height system that will allow you to easily adjust the distance of the light from the plants so that it can always be at an optimal distance as the plant is growing. While it is easy to assume that this system will take up a lot of your grow space, many of these will be attached to the ceiling so that the height of the light can be adjusted while still being highly efficient in terms of space usage.

Appreciate The Benefits Of LED Growing Lights

One of the main challenges that come with growing plants indoors is limiting the impacts that the lights have on the ambient temperature. If the temperature gets too high, it can cause severe damage that may inhibit the plants' ability to grow as well as potentially causing them to wilt and die. LED systems will produce very little heat compared to other types of lighting systems. As a result, you may be able to accommodate more lights in the grow space while still being able to effectively regulate the temperature. For more information, contact a company that provides commercial LED growing lights.


29 July 2021

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