Outdoor Energy: Utilizing Water Fountains To Create Abundance


Outdoor fountains serve as visual enhancements for a property. Along with the practice of feng shui, they can also appeal to the energy within an area. Feng shui is the ancient Chinese philosophy aimed at encouraging good health and fortune with the strategic balance of energy, or chi. The element of water represents wealth and success. Learn ways to incorporate a water fountain into your home's yard or garden by using feng shui techniques to increase the positive flow of energy.

How should the water flow?

The direction and speed of water greatly influences the energy projected into an area. To promote the flow of abundance, ensure the fountain has a continuous pattern of operation. Stagnant water breeds feelings of being stuck, potentially stalling your desired good fortune. Water that moves in a calm, steady manner generates an ambiance of the same nature. You want to ease into success and not be overwhelmed like an untamed tide of water rushing in—another unfavorable flow of water.  

…And in what direction?

You're implementing feng shui techniques to attract prosperity; therefore, the flow of water should be going towards you. Cascading fountains allow water to flow in all directions, but if there is a single stream of water, have it face as if it's entering your home.  

Where outside can I place the fountain?

A single water fountain placed outside the front door is a direct invitation for positive chi. The main entrance of your home represents the career sector in your life, so what better area to promote prosperity? A left, rear placement in a backyard garden uses water to nourish your wealth sector, while a left, center placement nourishes the family and health.  

Can I use other elements?

Feng shui utilizes five elements: wind, fire, wood, metal, and of course water. The materials used to construct the actual fountain that contains the water should be reflective of your intended wants. A metal base represents the support and backing of the water being held; whereas, earthy materials are intended to stop or obstruct water.

Being satisfied with your home and living areas is the ultimate energy booster. If your design scheme favors stone elements, then utilize what makes you most comfortable. Cures within the practice of feng shui allow such alterations while still promoting positive vibes. Since metal holds water, throwing in a few coins can balance the energy of a ceramic fountain. 


20 January 2015

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