Types Of Topsoil Mixes To Use In Gardening


Topsoil mixes can have a variety of uses around your yard and garden, and the application you're putting it to should dictate which type of topsoil you purchase. Here are a few different types and characteristics of topsoil mixes you may need for different applications in gardening.

1. Loamy topsoil

A topsoil mix that contains a lot of compost and has a well-drained, loamy texture could make a great product for raised beds. The quality of the topsoil you choose for this purpose can have a big effect on the health of the plants you grow in the bed, so be sure to choose a mix that's formulated for raised bed gardening and contains plenty of organic material.

2. Sandy or gravely topsoil

If you need to fill behind retaining walls in order to prevent erosion and make your yard flat enough for gardening, topsoil mixes can help here as well. In this situation, you don't need to worry as much about the types of nutrients in the topsoil.

However, for this type of mix, you'll want to look for something that drains easily since too much water retention could make the soil a lot heavier and cause premature wall failure. Sand-based and gravel-based mixes can help here because they tend to drain well.

3. Peaty topsoil

Even if you're not making raised beds, you may need to add some amendments to the soil. For instance, if your soil is very rocky, you may want to add a topsoil mix that has a lot of compost or peat moss mixed in. Or you may need peaty topsoil for its water-retaining qualities. While some applications require well-drained soil, others may require soil that holds onto water more easily.

For instance, if you're using your soil for potted plants, the soil needs to have some absorbent qualities so the water won't just all run out the bottom of the pot every time you water your plants. In addition, water-retaining soil in pots can allow you to water less often.

4. Organic topsoil

If you're interested in regenerative landscaping, organic gardening, or producing your own food, you may want to look for topsoil mixes that are certified organic and pesticide-free. These stipulations can help you find more natural, less chemically altered soil so your vegetables are healthier to eat and your garden is better for the environment overall.

These are just a few main types of topsoil mixes you can look for when you need topsoil for gardening projects. Contact your local garden supplier today to learn more about the products available.


12 March 2021

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