Important Preparation For A Gravel Delivery And Driveway Installation


A gravel-covered area is a good way to improve the use of the surface and comes with a more budget-friendly option next to other paving choices. So when you are planning to install a new gravel driveway in your yard, you need to make sure you have arranged for all the preparation to have a successful gravel delivery for your project. Here are some important preparation tips to help you get ready for a gravel delivery for your new gravel driveway installation.

Prepare the Project Site

As you plan to order and receive a gravel delivery, you need to ensure that the project site is ready in advance of the delivery date. This preparation will help to make sure you have removed any existing topsoil or vegetation from the location of your new driveway and installed landscape fabric barriers to prevent soil or weeds from coming up into your gravel's layers. And when you have the site ready at delivery time, you may have the option of the delivery truck unloading your gravel right onto the site. Then you can simply level the gravel onto the installation site instead of transporting the gravel from another location in your yard where the delivery driver unloaded your gravel order. 

Be sure you excavate enough topsoil to allow for all your gravel layers to fill the area. For example, if you plan to have six inches of gravel poured for a durable gravel surface, you will need to excavate six inches of soil from the site. 

However, some gravel driveway projects are not going to be accessible to your delivery driver. If the gravel delivery truck cannot access the project site, such as if it is in your backyard past a garden, you will need to look for a location easily accessible to the driver where they can deposit the delivery. Try to plan for a location as close to the installation site as possible so you don't have to move the gravel very far by wheelbarrow. 

If you are planning to have the gravel delivered to the road in front of your house, talk to your local city ordinance office to see if it is allowed. You may be able to have it delivered to this spot, but you will need a permit

Know the Gravel Foundation Requirements

As you make arrangements for your gravel delivery, be sure you order the right types and size of aggregate. Most durable gravel driveways are made up of multiple layers of aggregate to give the surface stability and durability. For example, the base layer should be made up of several inches of large angular rock, the middle layer of several inches of medium-sized angular rock, then the top layer consists of the more decorative or attractive rock. 

Talk to your local gravel delivery supplier about recommendations and options for installing a solid and attractive gravel driveway.


25 November 2020

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