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Services We Provide

We have up-to-date equipment and the expertise to provide tree removal services for any tree, any size, anywhere. Tree removal is recommended when the tree is damaged, dead, or dying, causing obstruction or hazards, or when a replacement of a more suitable tree is needed.

Tree removal service in most urban and suburban landscapes presents a challenge since they are often surrounded by other valuable plants or structures. Tree removal and stump removal often require careful dismantling by highly trained personnel, to ensure safety and the protection of your home or property.

The use of specialized equipment during tree removal services is determined by the conditions of your landscape, branch architecture, and the soundness of your tree. Southern Tree Recycling follows the tree removal standards set by the International Society of Arboriculture to ensure safety and efficiency.

Stump removal enhances the appearance of your landscape. Southern Tree Recycling provides stump removal services to Effingham, Chatham and surrounding countys. Southern Tree Recycling stump removal service will grind stumps well below grade, remove mulch, and replace dirt to make the area level, as required. We specialize in stump grinding large and troublesome stumps in difficult locations. Underground utilities are often an issue and all underground details and locations need to be disclosed prior to an estimate.

Pruning is the practice of cutting of branches to improve the shape and growth of trees. This is the most common tree maintenance procedure. Tree pruning on overgrown trees and shrubs restores aesthetics and structural integrity while improving overall plant health. It is one of the most important management practices for your landscape.

Tree pruning can also be done for safety and storm damage risk management. Usually, tree pruning is a preventative measure to remove dead branches, crowded or rubbing limbs, eliminate overhanging branches or to increase light and air penetration and let the wind sail through safely.

Our highly trained specialists use time tested pruning methods to improve the natural shape of your trees. Professional tree pruning experts can improve the aesthetics and health of your trees while protecting their vitality and maintaining their value.

It is vital to a tree’s health to maintain balance and proportion. It is important to use proper pruning methods, as a broken tree branch can never grow back. With professional care and expertise, it is possible to force and guide a tree’s new growth patterns successfully.